Introduction: DIY Edible Christmas Tree - for Bunnies

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Six months ago we rescued 6 bunnies from slaughter. They probably wouldn't be still alive today, but now they have a whole new life ahead of them! They live in the Center for Active Animal and Nature protection - "Key" in Croatia.

For their first Christmas, we wanted to make them something special - this is an edible toy tree which keeps them busy, playful and they have something to explore!

You can make one yourself and put it indoors or outdoors, or use it as a toy throughout the whole year.

Step 1: How to Make It

Materials you'll need:

- thicker branches

- velcro or a thick rope

- toilet paper rolls

- scissors or a knife

Arrange the branches into a tree shape and connect them together using velcro or rope.

Cut small holes on two opposite sides of the toilet paper rolls.

Put one toilet paper roll on each ending of the branch. (if they're falling out, you can use rope to keep them in place.)

Repeat this until you have 2 rolls on each branch.

Place your tree somewhere where you can stabilize it; if you have bunnies indoors, then you can stabilize it to a wall.

In my case, I put it on the fence of their enclosure.

Don't put it too high - make sure the bunnies can reach to the top branch.

Place their favorite snacks or fresh veggies into the toilet paper rolls.

This will give them something to explore and will keep them busy, playful and happy!

Step 2: Video Tutorial - Step by Step

For a detailed, step by step instruction on how to make it, watch the video.

Also, you'll see how they play with it!

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