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Hello, hello! I am here to show you guys how I made my own Disney Haunted Mansion backpack. Now, I am not good at teaching HOW I painted but I hope this still helps or sparks inspiration for you to do yourself. If you would like to see any other DIY's check out other Instructables I have posted or check out Thank you!


-A backpack (duh)


-Fake flowers

-Glue (E6000 and Hot glue)

-Fabric (I used purple)

-Pins or other things to place on the backpack (If you want)

Step 1: Map It Out

I took a white Prisma colored penciled and did a rough sketch of the Hitch Hiking Ghosts in the middle of the bag. It's not easy to see in the pictures, but it's there I promise.

Step 2: Start Painting

So, to paint you will need .. paint. Obviously. I used Fabric paint but you can also use acrylic paint but it might chip. I used teal, glow in the dark purple, and black fabric paint. I also used white acrylic paint because that's all I had.

Step 3: First Character

I started with the middle ghosts seeing as he should be, in my mind, the most prominent one. I used the teal for most of him and used black for shadows and white for highlights. I wanted all of them to have a pop of purple so I made his bow tie purple. I definitely used a reference photo because I'm recreating them, so if you're new to painting I suggest trying that as well. You can probably also find stencils or even a decal if you would rather do that.

Step 4: Second Character

I did the ghost on the left next, there is no reason for that. I made sure to make this ghosts sit just behind the first one and I added shadows accordingly. The pop of purple I wanted in each of them, I added it to his hat.

Step 5: Third Character

I did the character on the right last. I wanted to point out that because they are ghosts I didn't worry about having sharp details. This ghost was by far the easiest and I added the pop of color by making his axe purple.

Step 6: Random Accessories

I added some accessories because I had them. Lol I used some haunted mansion pins that I got in Disney land/ world. I also used a Halloween bat necklace.

Step 7: Disney Ears Start

You can find a ton of tutorials online on making minnie ears but I'll try to explain how I did it.

First you will need three stencils. One foe the ear cut out then one for the sew line. The sew line will be the size of your ears so keep that in mind. And then the batting stencils.

So I traced out the ear cut out line into my fabric then traced the sew line inside. Then cut out the ear cut out line. You need to make 4. Then I placed to pieces together, bad side out, and sewed along the sew line. Once out was done I folded it into itself to reveal the good side.

Step 8: Sewing

Much like I stated in the other step. I sewed them together and flipped the fabric in.

Step 9: Batting

I is cardboard as a stiff medium to help the ears stand. I traced the batting stencil and cut it out and placed it inside the fabric. Then I fluffed up the ears this fluff to make them look full. Then i sewed the ends together and sewed the ears to the backpack.

Step 10: Decorate

I ordered to fake flowers in place of the normal bow that minnie ears have. I used black and purple. I then had since teal spikes I put on the top of the ears.

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