Introduction: DIY Nathan Drake's Ring Necklace

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I needed the necklace from Uncharted for a last minute cosplay, but, due to me waiting until the last minute, i didn't have time to buy one online and have it shipped. So i made this one in a few hours and for a lot less then one of the real ones. Also it's hard to tell it not one of the real ones unless you get real close.

Stuff you'll need:

Scrap PVC: Free

Leather Shoelace: 3.99

Here's a full video explaining the whole process :)

Step 1: Cut and Paint PVC

I started by cutting a small ring sized piece of 3/4 inch pvc. I eyeballed the width and it ended up being about 1/4 inch wide. After the cut, take of any hanging pieces of plastic with pliers, then sand the edges.

After that I applied 2 light coats of Hammered paint. You dont have to use this specific paint, but i choose it because it most closely resembles the real ring.

Step 2: Tieing the Knot

First cut a piece of lace 24 inches long (Pic. 1). Then tie the knot. To tie the knot make a U shape in the half way point of the shoe lace. Then take the ends of the laces and string them over the ring and through the U (Pic. 2 &3). Then tighten (Pic. 4).

Step 3: Thats It !

And thats it!

One thing I would have done differently is beveling the edges to give it more of a finished look, but as I said earlier, it looks just like the real one unless you pick it up and inspect it.

Thanks for checking out my instructable !!! :D