Introduction: DIY Outdoor Cat Shelter Made From Plastic Bottles

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This is a great way to reuse and repurpose plastic. The bottles are great for isolation as they contain only air, and plastic lasts a lifetime and so will your shelter too.

Step 1: Procedure

Use something as a solid construction base, I used and old cage, but an ordinary solid cardbox will also do.

Using duct tape, connect the bottles to each other.

Then, using rope, connect the bottles to the construction base.

Use trash bags and duct tape to fill the remaining gaps and to make the whole shelter waterproof.

The front part depends on whether you're making a summer or winter version of the shelter - if your making a winter version, then it should be more closed so it would be warmer inside.

For the detailed step by step procedure, watch the video.

Step 2: Step by Step VIDEO