Introduction: DIY Paper Lamp V2

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Hi, nice to see you once again! I'm back again with my diy stuff to share. I had recently made a papercraft lamp.

This instructable is another version of a similar lamp. So guys, lets start making!!!

Step 1: Stuff You'll Need









paper cutter


Step 2: The Template

This step is simple. Just copy the template in the image on a paper(A4 sheet is better) and cut it out.

Note: The dotted lines indicate places to be cut and the complete lines are the places to fold.


keep a ruler along a complete line, and trace the line with the sharp end of a scissor. Make sure the paper doesn't tear! Now it will become easy to fold along that line. Repeat it for all complete lines.


Cut along the dotted lines using a paper cutter. As simple as that : )

Step 3: Form the Shape

Fold along the lines carefully. Now, Close the paper to form a cuboid and glue the ends. Make sure the lamp looks like the one in the cover image. If not, try folding it properly.

Step 4: Light Is What You Need!

Now for the lighting. Take a 9v battery and simply slip the pins of the LED between the tow terminals.

Note: Small pin of LED goes to the -ve terminal and the larger pin goes to +ve terminal.

Step 5: Light Up!

Place the lamp over the LED and battery. That's all! Your DIY lamp is ready to roll!

Hope you've enjoyed making it. Guys, this instructable is in the papercraft contest 2017. If it s good, please give it a vote. See you soon with another instructable!

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