Introduction: DIY Periscope

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To make a DIY Periscope.

Materials Required

1. Cardboard sheet

2. 2 mirrors

3. Different colored tapes

4. Geometry box for measurements

5. Cutter

6. Hot glue

7. Super glue / Fevicol MR

Your final item might look somewhat like the last image above. Hope you enjoy my instructable.

Step 1: The Center Piece

Take a big cardboard sheet and cut a 20cm*40cm sheet. Divide it into 4 parts such that each part is 5cm*40cm. Select any alternate quarters and cut a square of side 5cm to keep the mirrors as shown in the above image. Then cut through the lines dividing the sheet slightly enough to just fold the sheet through the other side. Once this is done, then fold the sheet and stick the ends with hot glue or tape. Once this is done, it will look like the second and third image shown above.

Step 2: Sticking the Mirrors to the Center Piece

Take the side and keep it such that it hollow part is facing down. Then draw a line from the corner of the hollow part to make a 45 degree angle. Then stick the mirror inside the hollow part along the line of the angle. Then do the same for the other side too. After doing this, your mirrors will look like the second and third image above.

Step 3: The Side Pieces

Now cut two cardboard sheets of length 10 cm. Take the width of the mirror along with the cardboard sheet on the side. Multiply this by 4 and take that as the width of this cardboard sheet. This should be done carefully as this sheet should fold exactly around the middle piece you made.

Then draw three lines along the length to divide the width of the sheet into 4 parts. Each part will have a width of the mirror along with the sheet. Now cut a square from one of the parts with a side length of the width of the mirror and the cardboard sheet on the side with the help of a cutter.

Cut mildly along each line with a cutter and then fold it through the other side. Stick the ends with hot glue. Make the same sheet again by doing the above steps to get two side pieces for your periscope.

Step 4: Joining the Side Pieces to the Center Piece

Take the side pieces you made and align it with the center piece such that the projecting part of the center piece exactly fits with the side piece. Stick them with hot glue or fevicol. Fevicol will take some time to dry up. Do the same for the other side with the other side piece as well. An example is show in the first two images above.

After sicking the side pieces to the center piece, your periscope will look like the third image above.

While sticking , remember to tilt one side piece a little bit so that the side piece does not become a barrier to your vision through the periscope.

Step 5: Decoration

Decorate your periscope according to your creativity and make it more beautiful with stickers, colored tapes, glitter tapes, markers, etc.. I have shown an example above.

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