Introduction: DIY Project Idea: How to Make Easy Quilling Earrings Tutorials

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Well, this time for my lovely followers I bring the most stunning design in paper jewelry in the form of quilling earrings. They look stylish and are absolutely fashionable and ultimate in comfort. Get your crafter side out and get into the creative mode to make this lovely and sophisticated pair of earrings. Quilled earrings are the latest fashion trend and are an absolute delight for any crafter.

Watch and learn the step by step tutorial on how to make beautiful and easy quilling earrings.

Step 1: Gather Your Craft Supplies!

To make this girly and feminine pair of earrings made you need very basic craft supplies of jewelry making.


Dark & Light Pink Quilling Strips(5 mm)

Earring Hooks

Jump Rings

Quilling Needle

Craft Glue

Step 2: Make the Design of the Earring.

Begin by pasting and joining two quilling strips together. Wrap them around a circular shaped container.

Wrap the complete strip and give it the shape of a tear drop with the help of your fingers.

Repeat the same -process to make another tear drop shaped Coil, smaller in size than the previous one.

Make some small tight coils using dark pink color quilling strips.

Step 3: Build Your Craft!

Paste the small tight coils in the gap between the small and big tear drop shaped coils.

Add the jump rings and earring hooks and your awesome Quilled earrings are ready.

Step 4: Your Easy Quilling Earrings Are Ready!

Unravel the fashionable and chic style in you as you learn how to make beautiful and elegant Quilled earrings. For more of such amazing DIY Crafts and Interesting craft ideas follow and subscribe me on my YouTube Channel.