Introduction: DIY Ric Rac Ribbon Rose

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This DIY brings you how to make a Ric Rac Ribbon rose earring. In addition, this DIY will show you how to use bead cap as a Filigree!

Step 1: Materials Required

Ric Rac ribbon

Bead caps



Earring hooks

glue, tools (not pictured)

Step 2: Cut Your Ribbon in Half. Take One Half and Fold It Into Half.

Step 3: Alternate the Waves on to Each Other, Just Rotate Each Half on to the Other, in an Alternate Fashion.

Step 4: This Is How It Should Look Like Now. Seal the Ends Using Lighter, Use the Blue Flame for Clear Sealing

Step 5: Now, Keep Your Needle and Thread Ready. (I Chose a Matching Color)

Step 6: Start Rotating From the Middle Towards End. Just Stitch for Every Once in a While to Make Sure the Flower Stays in Place. (you Can Use Fabric Glue If You Are Allergic to Sewing.

Step 7: In the End, Push the Last Piece on the Back of Rose. This Will Be Your Back. Here Is Your Finished Rose. I Made 2.

Step 8: Now, Use Your Bead Cap As Filigree

Just open the bead cap ends using pliers and it will fan out as a filigree. Paste your flowers on to the filigree. - this shows u how to make bead cap as filigree.

Step 9: Add Your Pearl

Take a filigree and glue your rose back to the filigree.
Take a headpin, and add your pearl. Now bend the wire at 90 degrees. Cut extra and turn into a loop using round nose pliers.

Step 10: Using the Same Technique, Add Your Earring Hook.

Your ric rac ribbon rose earring is ready :)

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