Introduction: DIY Sock Pattern (for Sewing Socks)

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Sewing is hipper than ever and I declare sewing socks using your own personal sewing pattern is the hippest thing yet.

I first tried to create my sock pattern by measuring my feet quite thoroughly and thought somehow that a pattern would emerge.
No such luck.
But then I had a fantastically simple idea and it turned out to work beautifully.
Curious yet?
Follow the next three steps and then start making.


* old well fitting pair of socks
* scissors
* paper, pencil
* for sewing the socks I recommend a serger

Step 1: Step 1: Wear Old Socks

Save an old pair of well fitting socks from the bin and wear them one last time. Best to wear them for a couple of hours, but at least as long as it takes for your body heat and your feet to shape your socks exactly onto your feet. Take them off. If your feet are not the same size, pick the sock you wore on your larger foot to proceed with the next step.

Step 2: Step 2: Cut Your Sock

Flatten out your sock gently with the heel sticking out. See the lines of the fabric? Adjust your eyes to them. Follow the line from the end of heel to the tip of your sock. If you follow it once round you will see, that the heel is sort of inserted into a tube and that makes your sock.
Cut along this line very carefully, open the tip seam, also open the heel seam. You will have one long strip of sock (pic1). Next divide the strip at the tip. You now have the bottom and the top piece.
Next the pattern emerges!

Step 3: Step 3: Transfer the Pattern

As promised this is the last step.
Lay your two sock pieces onto a piece of paper. Weigh them down and trace around carefully. Mark the spot where your big toe is on both pattern parts.
Add seam allowance. Cut out.

Step 4: Sewing Tipps

Cut out your socks pieces. I find that you can use fabric remnants wonderfully for this. Take care that you reverse your pattern for the cutting, you will have one left and one right sock in the end. I reccomend using a serger.
- close the heel seams
- put the top piece onto the bottom piece and fixate with pegs at three points. Toe onto toe, heel to pointy part on the left and on the right (see pics).
- sew once around - your basic sock is finished
- to finish the cuffs I use a simple trick, fold the top inside, hold on and fold this outside again, trim with the serger (see pics)

Step 5:

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