Introduction: DIY Washi Tape Stickers (Great for Laptops!)

These stickers are a fantastic way to decorate anything from notebooks to laptops, and just about everything in between. They are not permanent, so you can re-use and re stick them! I love how they look on a laptop, and I love the infinite possibilities of stickers to be made!

To make them permanent you can try a clear sealant on top of your decorated item.

Step 1: Pick a Design and Gather Supplies

Designs with straight or simple cured lines are easiest, like embellished circles, hearts and squares.

The supplies needed are


-wax or parchment paper

-a marker or pen

-washi tape

-clear packing tape

Step 2: Layer Washi Tape on the Parchment Paper

Take a strip of washi tape and stick it down on the edge of the parchment paper, then stick another strip next to it but overlap the edges slightly. Continue this with as many pieces as you need to create the base of your design.

You can mix it up with different colors, or alternate colors for stripes.

Step 3: Draw Your Design on the Back

Once you have a base, flip the parchment paper over so the washi tape is face down. Now you can sketch out a design.

Step 4: Cut Out the Design

Once you are happy with your design, cut it out following the lines you drew. Keep the parchment backing on.

Step 5: Decorate the Sticker

Now you can decorate the sticker using more washi tape for stripes or a chevron pattern, you can cut out small pieces to put on, like the cherry I made for the ice cream cone. You can also use a marker to outline the design to make it pop, or write words or sayings on them.

Step 6: Cover the Finished Design With Clear Tape and Cut It Out

Take a piece of clear tape and place it over your design. Now carefully cut the excess clear tape around the design. You do not need to leave extra clear tape on the edges.

Step 7: And They Are Ready to Use!

Carefully peel off the parchment backing and you can safely stick them to almost any surface! They are reusable/re-stickable and they won't leave a sticky residue in ordinary conditions. I personally use them to decorate my laptop and/or laptop case.

The possibilities of stickers to make is endless!! Enjoy!!

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