Introduction: Decorate Your Wall With an Elegant Wreath

This instructable gives you the step by step procedure of making an elegant looking wall decorating wreath, which you can make very easily.

Following are the things you will be needing to make this.

  1. Round Styrofoam sheet – apprx. 5cm thick (you can find a sheet with any shape but the final shape has to be a ring shape.)
  2. Any dull-shinny colored cord
  3. Lace
  4. Half pearls
  5. Pearl color satin rose flower (any size you wish to have. A bouquet of flowers would also be a good docor)
  6. Green color satin leaves
  7. Glue (binding glue and hot glue)
  8. Paper cutter

Step 1: Making the Ring

Take the Styrofoam sheet and draw a ring shape on it. (Take the dimensions as you desire)

Use the paper cutter to cut it out and smoothen the edges so that it looks like a ring.

Take the cord and start wrapping the Styrofoam ring using it. When wrapping, make sure you do not leave spaces between two cords which can show the Styrofoam inside. The whole ring should be wrapped neatly and nicely. You can use binding glue in random places so that it allows your cord to stick to the Styrofoam ring thoroughly.

Leave a small hook from the cord at the end to let it hang on the wall and glue the knots well.

Okay! Now you are done with the main part! :D

Step 2: Making the Satin Rose Flower

You can always buy a nice looking flower from the market. But, I wanted to make one of my own as I love making such things. Here we go!

You will be needing the following things:

  1. Pearl color (Off white) satin fabric
  2. A small piece of yellow color velvet fabric
  3. Some embossing tools
  4. Glue

Take the pearl color satin fabric and apply some congee on the non-shining side. Let it dry well.

Then, take a piece of cardboard and draw the shape of the flower on it and cut it out. (Figure 1)

Cut 4 ½ flower pieces from the dried fabric as shown in the figures.

Emboss the edges as you desire using embossing tools. Since I do not have such embossing tools, I used a small metal ball with a handle. To emboss the edges, I heated that tool a little and pressed it on the edges of the petals gently. See the figure to understand this step better.

Glue the cut pieces as shown in the figure. Take the smallest part (one petal part) and keep a small bud made from yellow velvet fabric in the middle and wrap the petal around it. Glue the edges. Finally, glue the flower parts one under the other from the smallest to the largest. Keep it aside to dry.

Step 3: Making Satin Rose Leaves

Things you will be needing:

  1. Green color satin fabric
  2. Embossing tools
  3. Glue
  4. Few pieces of thin metal wire

Just like the previous step, apply some congee on the non-shinning side and let it dry well.

Take a piece of cardboard and cut out the shape of a leave (a general shape of a rose leave is shown in the figure.) you can make leaves in several sizes as you wish. I made them in 2 sizes. Cut out some leaves from the fabric using the shape cut from cardboard and cut the edges as shown in the figure to make it more like rose leaves.

Emboss the middle line using a small heated metal sharp edge. Be careful when doing this, because if you heat too much, the fabric might burn.

Stick the little pieces of thin metal wire on the back side of every leave to make them strong using hot glue or binding glue.

Step 4: Decorating the Wreath

Since I thought, placing only the flower on the wreath looks a little void, I wrapped a piece of lace around one side and placed the flower on the edge of that. Put glue thoroughly when wrapping the lace, since it tries to loosen all the time.

Place the flower and leaves as shown using hot glue (binding glue takes too much time to dry).

Finally, I decorated the free side with some half pearls. You can use any beads or other things you like to decorate this in a better way.

Hope you enjoyed making a nice wreath to decorate your wall. I’d love to have your own wreath’s photo as a comment under this.


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