Introduction: Decoupage Wine Bottles

Recycle your wine bottles and make beautiful decoupaged wine bottles to decorate your home or office with.

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Step 1: Supplies

Gather all your supplies, it is much easier to work on this project if you have everything in order. You will need the following items:

Clean and Dry Wine Bottles
Glue (I used Aileene’s Tacky Glue, its very easy to work with)
Card Stock
Decorative Punches
12x12 Lace Card Stock (Michael’s and Joann Fabrics carries them)
Foam Brush
Indoor/Outdoor Spray Paint
Paint for Glazing

Step 2: Glue on Card Stock Cutouts

Pre-punch your card stock with the decorative punches you choose, I used Martha Stewart’s Deep Edge Punch Doily Lace and Cherry Blossom. Make sure you use the 11 inch side of the paper so you can fully wrapped it around the wine bottle. I also used individual flower cutouts and randomly placed them on the bottle. 

You can glue the card stock cut outs onto the bottle two ways, either add glue to the cutout and place it onto the bottle or cover the entire bottle with glue and place the cutouts firmly onto the bottle. Either way works. Once you have covered the bottle with the cutouts, press out all bubble and make sure that all the card stock is adhered to the bottle. Lastly, brush the entire bottle with a mixture of glue and water to seal completely and let air dry for about an hour or until completely dry. 

Step 3: Spray Paint the Bottles

Once completely dry, paint the bottles with indoor/outdoor spray paint color of your choice. Let completely dry. Above is a sample of my color selection.

Step 4: Glazing the Bottles

Once completely dry, final step is glazing the bottles. Gather your paints and glazes. You can turn regular paint into a glaze by watering it down but it won’t be waterproof. If using regular paint, I recommend a final coat of glass paint or a clear spray coat to seal the paint.

Step 5: Decorative and Recycled Wine Bottles

Enjoy making and decorating with these recycled wine bottles. Use your imagination and the same process can be applied to glass jars, dollar store vases, thrift store finds, the options are endless.

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