Introduction: Diy Raindeer Headband

Hello everyone here I am with another instructable. Last time I made horns using cardboard this time I try to make raindeer horns
Using same techniques. Chek it out.


1.Brown paper
4.headband(arrange black one if possible)
6.old pens refil cap or you can use refil tip. tape

Step 1: Making Horns

Cut 4 strip of brown paper 40cm long and 1 cm thick make triangle fold at end of one corner as shown in pic 2 . Then fold and continue folding it in shape of tower. When you are finished bend it in small arc and secure it end with glue or cellotape now make other horn 1/3 size of first horn and leave some paper unfold then wrap the unfolded paper of small horn on big onesee images for better understanding. And make other side horn by repeating same process.

Step 2: Attaching Horns to Head Bands

use black headband so it blend with your hair if you don't have(as me) you can cover your headband with black tape or fabric or the paper you used to make horns. Then attach horns by using glue or tape. And also attach pen top to it

Step 3: Done!

You raindeer horns are ready. You can use it for forest fairy cosplay and you can decorate it more by adding flowers or different colors fabric or paper.

Step 4:

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