Introduction: Dragon Boat Drumming

About: Electronics DIY Club in wuxi China.

Dragon Boat Festival is coming, and it is one of the four China traditional festivals. This day, in order to commemorate Qu Yuan and other ancient sages, all over the country the rise of eating dumplings, dragon boat and other customs.

We planned a drumming dragon boat project not only to see, but also to play。

Now,Please follow us to see the development process

Step 1: Software Prepare

We chose the Unity3d game engine.

In the early stages of game development, it is necessary to write a suitable framework that greatly reduces the subsequent duplication of tedious work while allowing us to focus more on game design.

Step 2: Hardware Prepare

Hardware preparation: vibration sensor , 2-sided drum , drum stand , water spray bottle

Step 3: Installation

Cut the drum surface and attach the vibration sensor to the inside of the drum surface

Glue the spray bottle to the drum stand

Then, installed all the parts together

Step 4: Data

Because the progress of software development is not consistent with the progress of hardware development, in order to be able to synchronize the development of both, the software side has written a data simulation module, simulating the data input of participants beating the drum surface

Because of serial communication used, the program uses multiple threads to continuously read data from the serial port, and when a change in data is detected through the message mechanism, there will be a corresponding change in the game.

Due to the choice of the main chip reason, can not send and receive data at the same time, so the water spray function by the microcontroller alone, when the experiencer beat the drum face to achieve a faster frequency
Single opportunity to send instructions to the module to complete the water spray