Introduction: Driftwood Art

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You need a bit of imagination in order to create an art piece from a driftwood. If you would not pick it up from the shore, bring it home, clean it and make from it a beautiful piece, it would be just a wasted stick that would swim back in to the depth of the sea. So once you saved it from its destiny and gave it a chance to shine- you are the creator of this masterpiece. I found this " perfect stick" ( as my little girl calls driftwood) in the summer, on the shore of Hudson Bay. I never have a clear picture of the finished piece, but rather go with the flow and change until I get the final look.


Driftwood,tape, plastic folder, epoxy resin, ink colors, sanding paper , dremel or anything you use to sand your creations, triangle clip or any other type of picture hanger.

Step 1:

Sand your driftwood.

Cut the back, so it will be flat and you can hang it on the wall.

I cut this wood into 4 pieces, because I made 2 art pieces from 1 driftwood.

Step 2:

Put tape underneath, to cover the area that you will fill with epoxy.

Make a shape from the plastic folder and put the wood inside, It will hold the epoxy and not let it run all over the table if the tape is not sticking well.

Step 3:

Mix the epoxy and add colors that you like.( I like colors of the ocean)

Fill the space with epoxy, that's covered with tape.

Let it cure.

Step 4:

Remove all the plastics and sand the wood from the excesses of epoxy, if it "crawls out" from the tape :)

Step 5:

Put a little hanger on the back and it is ready to shine on your wall and remind you of a summer days, when you were walking on the beach :)

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