Introduction: Easy Avatar Look

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In this tutorial I make myself into an Avatar! It was a lot of fun. I actually went around Vidcon 2018 like this. Haha. Let me know what you think and let me know if you have any other ideas for me!

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-The supplies I used:
Costume is from Etsy (just type in Avatar costume it will come up)

Wig is from Amazong (Again, Avatar wig it will come up)

Yellow Contacts from local smoke shop (No idea why they have them there and no I don't smoke so I have no idea how I found that out. Haha)

-Products I used:

Mehron body paint in sky blue, light teal, baby pink, blue and white

NYX white liquid liner

Lash paradise mascara

YSL Lip gloss (Gifted to me, the name is not on the tube)

Elmers washable glue stick (Purple)

BH cosmetics Bring Me Back To Brazil Pallet (Dark teal)

Step 1: Conceal Eyebrows

I used an Elmers Washable glue stick to conceal my eyebrows because I don't need them for this look. I use a few layers of the glue because I have thick black hairs but it all depends on your brows.

Step 2: Base

For the base of the look I mixed together a light blue and teal aqua body paint from Mehron. I evenly covered my face with that color. I tried to match my costume as best as I could.

Step 3: Big Eyes

Avatars or Naviis have big eyes, so I took a white body paint from Mehron and put a line of it under my eye and also covered my bottom lashes because I have black lashes. Again that all depends on your lashes. I then used a dark teal eye shadow from BH cosmetics Bring Me Back To Bazile pallet.

Step 4: More Eye Stuff

I took that same eye shadow and ran it into my crease of my eye and fluffed it out to bring dimension into the eye and also keep making my eyes look as big as I could.

Step 5: Nose

I need to make my nose look bigger so I took that some eye shadow and contoured my nose.. but to make it look wider. So I took the shadow farther out them my nose is. I also drug some of that color under my brows to make a new brow shadow.

Step 6: Brows

The new brows are pretty simple, I took a blue body paint from Merhon and pretty much just drew a line. They almost look like a marking or tattoo.

Step 7: Nose

The nose is almost like a little cat nose. I took light pink body paint from Mehron and filled in the tip of my nose.

Step 8: More Shadows

I used that some eye shadow to contour my cheeks. I also went around the face to deepen any other spots for example around the nose, eyes, eye brows, ect.

Step 9: Markings

I still had that same eye shadow and used it to make the markings. I think it's best to add markings where it would look best on you. I made sure to keep the darkest mark closest to the hair line and then lighten it as it got further away.

Step 10: The Rest of the Body

I added more body paint to the neck and chest and eventually the arms, hands, and feet. I matched it to the face.

Step 11: Shadows

I used that some eye shadow to go under the chin and brake up the solid color

Step 12: Dots

They have white dots all over their faces so I used a white liquid liner from NYX and added them in.

Step 13: Mascara

I added mascara to my top lashes only and not the bottom I wanted to keep my eyes looking big

Step 14: Lips

for lips I used the light blue body paint, then I filled in the center with a pink lip gloss.

Step 15: DONE

And with that you are done! I think it's fun and easy to do. What do you think?

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