Introduction: Easy Cardboard Organizer

Easy Cardboard Organizer

Really easy to make. Needs a bit preparation and an idea how the finished organizer should look

Time: Easy approx. 1 hour

Costs: Not measurable


  • Cardboard
  • Hot Glue


  • Paper Cutter (the next Copyshop should have one)
  • Hot Glue Gun

Step 1: How to Do It

How to do it:

  • First you should have an idea of the finished organizer. We wanted square boxes.
  • Cut stripes and then cut squares from these stripes
  • The 3 long sides of the organizer should be wider than the boxes
  • The bottom and 2 sides of every box assembles from 3 equal squares
  • The remaining 2 sides are slightly wider
  • Glue everything together
  • When the boxes are finished lay them on one side of the organizer for measuring
  • Glue in the dividers and the remaining side of the organizer
  • Finish and maybe add knobs to the boxes or color