Introduction: Easy DIY Paper Earrings

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This is DIY tutorial for Green shaded beautiful paper earrings.

We can create any colour combination for matching dress.

This is also entry for "2019 Jewellery Contest", so if you feel its interesting, please vote.

So lets start, the easy beautiful Paper Earrings.

Step 1: Materials Needed

  1. Quilling strips shades of Green (here I use 8 shades) 5mm thickness
  2. Scissor

  3. Quilling tool
  4. Craft clear glue (its clear when dry)
  5. Plastic mould
  6. Stone chain for decoration ( I use blue stones)
  7. wire cutter
  8. flat-nose pliers
  9. Round-nose pliers
  10. Earring findings and (eye pin, crystal beads, bead cap / cone, earring hooks, spacer etc.)
  11. clear varnish for long life (water proofing)

Step 2: Lets Start

make a long single strip, by joining one strip from each single colour, from Quilling strips shades of Green.

starting from dark green to light green.

Refer the picture. Wait for a while lets dry it properly.

Step 3: Make a Dome

Now start making a tight roll, start from light green side.

To make roll,

Insert a piece of quilling paper into the slot of your quilling tool, and start rolling, when almost done, place glue near the end of the strip and roll to complete. And remove it from the tool. (refer picture)

Now, I use quilling mould to make dome shape. Make a nice dome by pressing towards down down.

Similarly, make another dome.

Now we have two nice dome, lets go to next step.

Step 4: Fix the Shape of Domes

Now, once we have two domes ready, glue it from inside, let it dry.

Then, glue it outer side, and allow to dry completely.

Now, these domes are water proof, and its shape also fixed.

Once dried, spray clear varnish both inside and outside of the domes. lets dry

Step 5: Decoration:

When domes are completely dried, attach the stone chain using glue.

Same way, as shown in the pictures. Wait till dry.

Step 6: Attach Findings

First, insert the eye pin as shown.

then one by one attach

  • bead cap
  • spacer
  • green crystal bead
  • one more spacer

cut the extra wire, with wire cutter, keep a small wire left.

Twist the extra wire, and make a round with round pliers.

Step 7: Attach Earring Hooks

Now, attach earring hooks, ad complete both the earrings.

Step 8: Finally Done !!

Now, its ready to use.

I am making quilling earrings from last many years, so, lets make some more and matching earrings.

thanks for visiting my tutorial..

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