Introduction: Fallout 3 Ghoul Mask Makeup Transformation

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Fallout 3 inspired.

Step 1: Two Toned Skin

First skin type is going to be a pale yellow color. I used Maybelline BB cream in the lightest shade, then I used a little yellow and a lot of white from my MakeupForever flash pallet and mixed it together. Then I placed it on one side of my forehead and dragged it down past my eye.

Then I made a dark brownish color using a cheep liquid concealer is a light tan color and mixing it with a lot of brown and a little yellow from my MakeupForever flash pallet. with that I covered the rest of my face.

Step 2: Map It Out

Using a white eyeliner I mapped out my design.

Step 3: Red

Using red from my Mehron paradise pallet I filled in my mouth and my eye sockets.

Step 4: Black Detail

Grabbing black out of my Mehron paradise pallet I added black between the two flesh tones, we will be making stiches here later.

Then keeping that black I added some around my eyes.

Step 5: Black Eyeshadow

Using black matte eyeshadow from Ulta I started some shadows.
Making a pulled skin look on my forehead just keep the black darker in the center and pull it out lighter to the sides.

Then I added some shadows where the stiches are going to go, making the shadow sit on the darker skin.

I'm also going to add shadow to my cheeks. starting off lightly then darkening add I go.

Then I also shadowed around the mouth.

Step 6: Detail

Using the black eyeshadow I then started making some pulls in the skin.
Make sure you add darker and lighter spots, don't make it even.

I also added a deeper brow bone shadow.

Step 7: Stiches

Getting white grin the MakeupForever flash pallet I added the stiches, make them uneven.

Then getting the black eyeshadow again I added dots to the ends of the stiches and pulled the color out to give it a pulled skin effect.

then I added some shadows on one side of the stiches.

Step 8: Eyes

Getting pink and white from my Makeup Forever flash pallet and mixing then together I added that under my eye.

Taking white from the flash pallet I added lines that go on a few different directions, then getting black and red eyeshadow I added that in between the white lines.

Step 9: Mouth

I added the outline of the teeth with black body paint, then I got white and filled in the teeth.

To make the teeth appear a little stained I added yellow and brown eyeshadow lightly to them.

Then I touched up the outline with black liquid eyeliner.

Step 10: More Details

using that black liquid eyeliner I depends some lines.

I made the dots for the stiches darker, the lines for the eye sockets darker, and some shadows of the stretch marks.

then getting that pink I added pink to the gums of the mouth.

Step 11: Body

Using a white eyeliner I sketched out my design.

Then I got blue body paint and filled in my shirt leaving a place clear for yellow.

Then I filled in the yellow.

Then I got a black eyeliner and drew a line down the center.

Then using black eyeshadow I added some shadows.

Step 12: Done


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