Introduction: Faux Spill

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Hello world

for this faux-real contest, I have made this faux spill. It is very easy to make and is a very good prank. Make It and have fun

Step 1: Material Required

- PVA Glue

- Water

- Plastic Sheet

- Stick/ Spoon

- Glass Paint

Step 2: Mixing Time

Now it's the best part of the entire project. take the glue, paint, water and mix well

Step 3: Spill

Now take the plastic sheet and spill the mixture over it. make sure that you spill it in a way that it looks real

Step 4: Drying

Now let it dry for a few hours. If the climate is warm then it would take a bit less time

Step 5: Taking It Out

Now carefully take it out from the plastic sheet and your faux spill is ready. Now keep it on your valuable stuff and have fun.

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