Introduction: Fortnite Statue Halloween Makeup

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Welcome Maotrons! So I decided to do a Fortnite statue makeup look. I thought it would be really fun. What do you think? Haha. to get other fun halloween ideas!!!!

Step 1: Base

To start off I need a base, so I took a light gray body paint from Mehron and placed it all over my face. It's okay if it looks patchy it will help with the statue effect we need.

Step 2: Highlight

To start reshaping the face I took white body paint from Mehron and put it high on my cheek bones, under my eyes, down my nose, and on my forehead. This will help give the illusion that my face is shaped different then it really is.

Step 3: Lips

Mixing that gray body paint from Mehron with black from Mehron I then filled in only my top lip and then but a line on my bottom lip making it point down to make my chin look bigger and my bottom lip smaller.

Step 4: Eyebrows

I took that same darker gray I had mixed and filled in my brows. They are very small and sharp. They have a smug look to them.

Step 5: Contour

To change my face even more I needed to contour. I used a dark gray eyeshadow for this. I added shadow on the bottom of my nose first, I wanted to make it look flatter and wider. I also used the on the hollows of my cheeks. I even took it on the sides of my nose to make it look wider. I then took it down to my chin to make it look more square.

Step 6: Eyes

To start the eyes I used the gray in the crease of my lid and dragged a little bit out to make crows feet on the sides of my eyes. I even dragged more on the sides of my nose.

Step 7: Nose

Working more with the nose area I took some more of that dark gray and outlined some new nostrils that are wider then mine.

Step 8: Hair

I decided to paint on his hair. I used the dark gray to outline the hair marks. I then used gray eyeshadow to shadow around it.

Step 9: Texture

To give the character more texture I used a detail brush with the dark gray to make some bigger gray dots, then I took a stipple sponge with that same gray to add little dots all over. I even took that detail brush and added a few cracks around the face.

Step 10: More Highlights

Using some white body paint on a detail brush I highlighted all over the face. I put it under my brow, on the hair, around the cracks, and ect.

Step 11: Eyes Again

to finish up the eyes I took some white body paint and put it on the lid then I went ahead and put some white eye shadow on top to make sure it does not crease.

Step 12: Body Start

I used my white eyeliner pencil to outline where the wrap of his will be.

Step 13: Color

I used white to fill in the fabric then I used gold to fill in the ring.

Step 14: Body

I used that some gray I used on the base of the face and used it all over the body. I then used gray to shadow around the clothing and to shadow around the neck and chest. I even used the same darker gray body paint to dot and make texture around the body.

Step 15: Detail Body

I used the dark gray to add the swirls around the body.

Step 16: DONE

OKAY. All done! I hope you guys like this. If you would like any other ideas feel free to check out the other instructables I have. If you don't see anything there I have more tutorials on youtube!

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