Introduction: Frankenstein Girl!

About: I body paint

Frankenstein Girl makeup! So much fun to do. =P

Step 1: Base

Taking a green body paint from Mehron I placed that all over my face.

Step 2: Set

To set the paint I took a green eyeshadow and placed that all over the paint, lightly.

Step 3: Contour

Taking a dark green shadow I used that to contour my nose, forehead temples, Hallows of my cheeks, and a little under my lip.

Step 4: Eyeliner

I used eyeliner to make a dramatic wing, I also added a wing on the inner corner, and then I lined my water line.

Step 5: Eyebrows

Taking purple body paint from Mehron I placed some cartoon eyebrows on.

Step 6: Highlight

I then used this yellow green eyeshadow to make highlights under my eyebrows and on my nose.

Step 7: Pop

Taking purple eyeshadow I placed that on my lid, then I put on eyelashes.

Step 8: Lips

I lined my lips with purple lip liner then I put on purple lip stick.

Step 9: Stitches

First I used black body paint to add the lines, then I used dark green eyeshadow to add a shadow around the lines that will give it the appearance of sticking up, then taking black body paint I added dots then the stitch strings, last I took gray eyeshadow to add some shadows under the stiches.

Step 10: Body Base

Use the green body paint to cover your body.

Step 11: Contour

Use the green shadow to contour your bones.

Step 12: Repeat

Then repeat the same process with the stiches. all done! yay!
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