Introduction: Friendship Bracelet/ Candy Stripe Design

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Today I'm going to be showing you how to make a candy stripe friendship bracelet today! A super easy bracelet for beginners that you can make for a friend of wear it your self!! :D you can even make a keychain too!! You'll need: Embroidery floss/ four different colors Scissors Clip board or tape And Measuring tape

Step 1: Cutting

First cut 50 inches of your 4 colored embroidery floss. I did 2 for each color if you want yours to be thick like this one then cut 2, but if you want it thin then cut it once.

Step 2: Make a Knot

Put it in half and make a knot then just clip it to your clip board or tape it down

Step 3: Sections

Take all the colors and put them in Order

Step 4: Knotting

Take your first color and make 2 knots across all 4 colored strings and pull it up tightly Then take your next color and do the same thing then do that for all the colors until you've reached the first color

Step 5: Finishing

And then you'll see the pattern growing then keep doing that until you want it to stop. Then when you have reached your point make a knot. And there you have it!!!!!!!!!! A super easy bracelet for beginners it you want it thick it will look like that, hope you guys enjoyed! Post at the comments a picture of yours!!! :D :D