Introduction: Game of Thrones Night King Skateboard Makeover

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Welcome to another one of my instructables

It has been some time since my last published creation but moving house has been manic but well worth it.

Anyway while moving i found my old skateboard granted not used in years lol but being a huge game of thrones fan wanted to make something different for my nephews room when he comes to stay and a cool wall piece for him.

Anyway thanks for looking hope your all like....

Please forgive all the game of thrones quotes to follow and hopefully this will not contain any spoilers but if your not up to date by now SHAME SHAME ( sorry couldn't resist )

Step 1: One Must Need....

For this project you will need an :

- old skateboard
- paint various
- scissors
- screwdriver
- pen pencil
- idea or design

Step 2: Chaos Is a Plan and Plan Again

So once your have all you need plan your design. After scrolling through Google I found the perfect image I wanted to replicate a tattered 2 tone image of the night king.

Using a fantastic site called I managed to blow up the picture to size and use my standard inkjet printer to print the image for scale. And it's free to check it out!

One complete and your happy with the size move to the next stage

Step 3: The Night Is Dark and Often Annoying So Remove the Wheels

Now before going any further remove the trucks and wheels. This is much much easier to do and with most boards this will require a Philips screwdriver and a pair of pliars to hold the but underneath

Once you have removed it all you can again check your scaling better and male tweaks. I found it easier to do a rough sketch of my drawing on the board to work out how things will work and male sure that once the board is assembled fully again the image will still be viable.

Step 4: If You Think This Has a Happy Ending, You Havnt Been Paying Attention

now I got to carried away with my sketch so lot slot of time. My design I came up with was a simple blue back ground with a black siloet

I popped to the local Homebase ( paint suppliers ) and got 2 tester pots of the pail snow whitish blue I could find plus one dawn blue for depth this only cpst me £3 for them all on offer.

Then proceeded when home to paint the board. Make sure you lay some drop cloth down as this can get messy. And then went mad a few layers at a time building up a blizzard effect.when happy leave to dry completely

Step 5: I Drink and I Know Thimgs

many drinks later waiting for this to dry and watching a damaging episode 7 to my sanity where many things happen in the latest series and trying to come to grips with the horror witnessed I turned back to the project......

Some have suggested a few different ways to do this but I wanted to sketch mine free hand and then paint it for a more personal touch.

Once I was happy with the pencil outline I decided to paint it in black gloss paint, slowing taking my time and being cautious not to go too far with the black and cover details that the background would show through.

Step 6: Once You've Accepted Your Flaws No One Can Use Them Against You

When fully dry re attach the wheels (paint if needed or wanted) and the your finished

I'm still debating on some other small details and if to finish off with varnish but for now I'm happy with the finished result

Thanks for looking and hope you all like feel free to add me to Instagram Rory_Gough

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