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WOO this was a request! I love requests haha. I am trying to get threw a few I have gotten I've just been super busy. sorry guys! I'm trying to catch up! Hope you enjoy this Gamora body paint though! Halloween is right around the corner. Yay! to keep up on all the halloween fun! XD I'll be in Disney World. WOO!

Step 1: GREEN

As I'm sure you could have guessed I used a green body paint from Merhon to cover my whole face.

Step 2: Highlight

I took a yellow green body paint from Mehron to highlight the face. such as the cheek bones, nose, and forehead.

Step 3: Nose

I took a dark green eye shadow to contour the nose.

Step 4: Contour the Face

Keeping that same green eye shadow I contoured the cheeks, forehead, and jaw line.

Step 5: Eyes

I took a purple eye shadow to pat on the lid then took a maroon shadow to blend up over my crease. Her eye shadow is not blended out that much though so I tried to keep the line a little harsh.

Step 6: Waterline

Using NYX jumbo pencil in black bean I put that in my waterline.

Step 7: Details

You might want to use a reference photo to see this better but I took a silver body paint from mehron and used it to do the detailing on the forehead.

Step 8: Cheek

using that same silver body paint I used it to do the details on the cheeks. Again it would be best to look at a reference photo.

Step 9: Shadowing

Using the same dark green eye shadow I shadowed around all the silver and I also took some black eye shadow to deepen it up.

Step 10: LASHES

I put on some mascara. haha

Step 11: Lips

Taking a NTX lipstick in this green color I put it on. If you don't have green lip stick (an odd thing to just have) you can also use body paint.

Step 12: Body

To start the body I took a white eye liner to sketch out the look.

Step 13: More Geen

Taking the same green I used on my face I used it to fill in the neck, arms, and chest.

Step 14: Vest

to fill in her vest I took a black body paint.

Step 15: Details

For the details on the vest I first used a black body paint on a detailed brush to add lines, then I took that same silver to make the gems, then I took some black eye shadow to shadow around everything.

Step 16: More Shadows

Taking that same green eye shadow I shadowed around all the black to make it look like the vest it sitting on top of the skin.

Step 17: Last Step

I added random hash marks with black then I took a teal body paint to add some color to the vest and that is it!!

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