Introduction: Giant Big Bad Wolf Head Halloween Costume

Built a giant wolf head for the 2016 Halloween Office Party and for my porch for the kids!

Used some available material, nothing complex and built the wolf head in 1 week for under $25.00


Cardboard boxes

Fur blanket from the Thrift Store

Black blanket from the Thrift Store

1 can of black Paint

1 tube of acrylic black, red and white paint

1 black duct tape and 1 clear carton tape

glue gun

Bicycle helmet

2 red containers from a cheap syphon pump

2 cheap book lights

1 speaker and wolf sound files

1 black robe

Step 1: Cardboard Formation

Had to review lots of wolf pics online. Started with the Jaw and taped it together. also attached a long tongue and the teeth....this was the longest part for me on figuring out how to form the wolf head....I think that once I started the jaw it all came together real fast.

Step 2: Wolf Head Forming....

So once the jaw was done - added the skull and ears. The ears are a separate piece that I can slot in. This was to allow me to fit the head into a vehicle for transportation. Also added the red lights to give that scary red eye effect at night or in the dark...again all this is held together with tape...

Step 3: Bike Helmet Added

I also glue on the bicycle helmet along the lower skull and end of the jaw....

Step 4: Started to Paint

So I started to put a base black coat with my spray can...wore the paint mask and goggle for safety and then I let it air out in the garage for a day...then I bushed on the various colors...since this does not need too much detailing it did not take that long and was enjoyable :)

Step 5: Fur Added

I was going to buy fur by the meter at the fabric store but the cost was very expensive ($36 per meter) so I decided to check out the thrift store and found a gray shaggy blanket for $5.00 and another black blanket for $ I cut them into strips and hot glued them on....went really well...

Also the black paint was coming off the clear taped that I used so I covered the clear tape with the black duct tape and reinforced the head...I used the Gorilla Duct tape which was amazing...sorry this was before the fur was applied....

Also for the tongue I used some hot glue lines to simulate saliva dripping.

The inner jaw or throat had a hole which I used a black mesh to hide my face -- I can seeing easily out of that location...

Step 6: Final Product

So it ended up pretty heavy so I held the head with my right hand and my head locked into the helmet....I also had a speaker with howling and growling sounds....I wore my old grim reaper robe...I think at night this will look really cool....

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