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HEY GUYS! I used mainly glitter, shimmer, sparkly, ect products to make this monster!! It was very hard. BUT I DID IT! If you like my work and want me to keep creating please feel free to subscribe at

Step 1: Outline

So first I outlined with my white eyeliner. I ALWAYS do this. Just a thing I do. Haha.

Step 2: Base

For the base of my face I used Mehron Metallic paint in light blue. I was having fun with this color as I'm sure my pictures show that. lol

Step 3: Shadows

for the shadows I used my Urban Decay Mettalic eye shadow pallet and the bright blue, teal, and black. I will be reaching for them a lot with this look. I shadowed around my mouth and started giving myself wrinkles.

Step 4: PINK

I used pink metallic paint on my lips, nose, and under where I'm going to put the eye. I just liked the blue with the pink and I wanted my monster to be a glam monster.


Using the same shadows I did before I'm going to be making more wrinkles on my nose and deepening the contour of my cheeks. And I kept working with the shadows of my mouth.

Step 6: Teeth

I used orange metallic paint and filled in my teeth.


So I used white liquid liner from NYX to highlight the teeth, and then I used black body paint to add some sharper lines.

Step 8: Even More Shadows

So I shadowed even more using the same colors as before. I added more shadows around the eyes and where the horns are going.

Step 9: Horns

I used spirit gum to add some glitter horns!

Step 10: Eyes

I used green metallic paint to fill in the eyes and then dabbed some gold shadow from that urban decay pallet to add some highlight on the top of the eye.

Step 11: More Cheating

I highlighted my face with that white liquid liner.

Step 12: More Wrinkles

I used the same shadows to add wrinkles on my forehead and eyes. I then used a tad bit of the black body paint to deepen up the lines.

Step 13: Glitter

I used nyx glitter and glitter primer to add glitter all over.

Step 14: Body!

the body was easy. I used that same blue body paint to cover the whole body, then I used the same shadows to shadow around body and last I used more glitter!

Step 15: DONE

Done and looking so scary and pretty! haha. I hope you like it! Let me know what else you would like to see!

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