Introduction: Green Colured Earings and Necklace

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so i have made a pair of green earings and a necklace in green colour looks very beautiful when u wear it

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regards hiya aneja f


golden small beads


big beads

green nail polish , diffrent shades of green

a clasp

earing hooks

Step 1: Steps to Make Earings and Necklace

1. first take a bowl or container add a water in it and add difrent shades of green nailpolish drop by drop then with a toothpick swirl it after that take your big beads and dip it in the mixture , and take out let it dry for 1-2 mins ,do the same with all big beads .keep them aside .

2. like the same do with another two big beads and dry them up for earings

3. after every beads are dries take a thread , make a knot at the bottom of that thread , then first put three small golden beads then one big bead then one more small golden bead then big bead then smal bead like this till end...... when you are at end add at last three golden small beads then put the clasp and hook to the booth bootms and your neclace is done

4. take one golden small bead for earing thke thread and make knot at bottom and put one small bead at bottom then the green big bead on top add one more small golden bead then take the earing hook and attach / nmake a knot with thread then your earings a nd necklace is ready

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