Introduction: Harry Potter LED Wand

While browsing for an idea for a Harry Potter wand i came across this great instructable:

Unfortunately my UV-LED didn't work so i had to use the one that was already with the fiberwand i had.
But it has 3 different light modes and the batteries can be changed without destroying the wand.

Time: Medium approx. 6 hours


  • Fiberwand 2 Euros or any other LED Toy


  • Soldering Iron
  • Paper
  • Straw
  • Electric Wire
  • Glue
  • Papermaché
  • Acrylic Paint

Step 1: How to Do It

How to do it:

  • We de-assembled the Fiber Wand because we wanted to use an other LED, which didn't work out
  • You could use the Fibre Wand as it is, if the fibers are long enough
  • Otherwise extend the wires to the LED
  • Use a straw for supporting the wires
  • Roll the straw tight in a piece of paper covered with glue
  • After drying the wand was really good looking and sturdy enough for showcasing
  • But it had to be hard enough for kids to play, so i used papermaché as an extra layer
  • The papermaché was made from paper handtowels and wallpaperglue
  • Paint the wand

I didn't glue the end cap to the battery cover. Instead i used a simple layer of paper around the battery cover and put the end cap on. So changing the batteries won't damage the wand.