Introduction: High Speed 5 Minute Top (spintop)

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In this tutorial I will show you how to make simple spintop which you can spin to great RPM-s.
So, lets begin.

Step 1: Materials:

  1. BBQ stick
  2. Scotch tape ( you can use duct tape or medical tape, it would be better)
  3. Old CD-s

and some hot glue, it would be useful later

Step 2: Making a Shaft

Wrap Scotch tape around the stick until you can put CD over it, but you have to make sure that CD is hitched so it don't fall down.

You can add some more CD-s for longer spinning, it will have greater weight so more energy can be stored in rotation (more energy= longer spinning) .

Step 3: You Can Add Some Hot Glue If Needed

Step 4: And That's It!

If stick is out of center when spinning, you can cut it to make it shorter, because wobbling stick cause irregular spinning with unwanted vibrations which slows down spinning, or move discs up or down, you have to find your own design.

I hope you enjoyed, it's fun toy for playing. :D
Here is video how it spins and how to spin it:

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