Home-made Organic Ant Repellent

Introduction: Home-made Organic Ant Repellent

Ants are everywhere... They are in the garden, making their way into homes and attacking food items kept in the kitchen. To get rid of ants few people spray chemical ant repellent powder or draw lines with chemical chalk around the affected area.

Here is one simple organic ant repellent you can make easily at home

Step 1: What You Need

  • Collect all the onion skin and ginger skin from the kitchen. These are the kitchen waste we throw away everyday.
  • Add some raw onions and few garlic cloves to the collection

Step 2: Boil the Contents

  • Add water to cover the contents and boil over high flame for about five minutes
  • Remove the container from stove and allow to cool down

Step 3: Grind the Boiled Waste

  • Transfer the material to a mixer grinder and grind for about 30 seconds
  • Using a cotton cloth, filter out the liquid
  • Do not throw away the remains. You can bury it around base of house plants

Step 4: Store the Mix

  • This is a concentrated mix. You can store it in a clean bottle and keep it in shade

Step 5: Make Diluted Solution for Use

  • Make a diluted solution whenever you find some ant problem
  • Mix equal parts of solution with water and use on ant affected areas

Step 6: Sprinkle Around Ant Affected Area

  • Here you can see the plant most affected by ants
  • Dilute the solution with equal amount of water and sprinkle over the affected plant
  • Make sure all affected parts are covered by the solution
  • The ants will soon disappear from the plant. Sometimes you need to sprinkle the solution few times to completely get rid of ants
  • You can also use this solution inside home and other areas affected by ants

You can store this solution in a cool, shaded place for about three to four months

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