Hot Glue Among Colors



Introduction: Hot Glue Among Colors

This is a small creation using mixed media technique.

Step 1: Materials

- a white thick board (A5 size – 21 cm x 14.8 cm);

- hot melt glue sticks: green and transparent ;

- pearl white for the background;

- different colors for the background;

- one green mosaic square piece;

- contour liner paste and glitter;

- modelling paste for the frame;

- the hot tool gun;

- liquid silicone for bonding the mosaic.

Step 2: Making the Sketch

- I made the sketch with a red pen;

- I painted the background with the white pearl;

The effect was slightly satiny.

Step 3: The Plastic Layout

Using the hot tool gun I followed the drawing
and make a line of plastic.

Step 4: The Coloring and the Central Area

I made the sketch of the lines and start to fill the spaces with different colors;

I bonded the piece of mosaic and made the colored lines using contour liner paste.

Step 5: The White Frame

The white frame was made using the modelling paste.

I love the effect!

Step 6: The Final Embellishment

Top and bottom, I added lines and dots with glitter, gold effect.

This is briefly the story of the hot glue hidden among colors!

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