Introduction: How to Draw Creepy Fluttershy

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My friend drew a random pony the other day, and it was... Something... I decided to copy it and I created this drawing pony style.

Step 1: Face of Horror

Draw a circle. Then, draw a triangle sticking up from the head. Doodle a line in the triangle. To make the hair, have a wave-looking line travel down the face, and curve up. Draw two circles in the head and color them in. Finally doodle a mouth with a curve.

Step 2: Body

The body is quite simple! Draw the same shapes on the page. For the cutie mark, doodle three little butterflies in pencil. Color them in.

Step 3: Colors of the Wind

Color Flutter (Fluttershy's creepy alter-ego) yellow. Color her mane bright pink. Color the eyes, mouth, and cutie mark in black.

Step 4: Done!

If this isn't creepy to you, then I don't know what is! Anyways, if you have questions, comments, or suggestion, tell me!