Introduction: How to Make Friendship Bracelets by Yourself

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Hi,every handmade fans,today we will show how to make friendship bracelets,it’s easy and interesting to make by your hands.

You need to prepare some material and tools such as:

Materials :Leather cord 1 m,Turquoise,Agate,lapis,Pyrite and alloy buckle.

Tools: Scissors needle,Line Now follow our handmade steps and begin to make friendship bracelets !

Step 1: Put the Line Through the Two Eyelets Alloy.

Prepare the red line and double eyelets alloy,and put the line through the two eyelets alloy.

Step 2: Use Polyester Line to Wound Head.

Use Polyester line to wound head.

Step 3: Fix in the Middle of the Beads

Leather cord threaded ends and fix in the middle of the beads.

Step 4: Choose and Beads With Other Materials

Beads with other materials, that can be designed according to their own material and preferences.

Step 5: Use the Additional Line to Wound the End.

Use the additional line to wound the end.

Step 6: Adjusting the Length

Take two knot bracelet for adjusting the length.

Step 7: Finish Your Friends Bracelets

Your friendship bracelets finish,handmade jewelry is so easy working,can not wait to get your diy friends bracelets ? just go and make it now ! feel free to contact us if have any handmade questions.


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