Introduction: How to Apply 2-Way Mirror Film on Glass and Plexiglass

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I've done several Instructables where I needed to add 2-way mirror film to some plexiglass. In this Instructable I'll be focusing specifically on that process and showing you how I do it. These steps can be used whether you're putting it on plastic or glass. For this Instructable, I'll just be calling it glass.

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Here are my Instructables where I used 2-way Mirror Film:


Step 1: Cut the Mirror Film

The first thing you need to do is cut the piece of film that you are going to apply. If you cut the film a bit bigger than the glass, it will be easier to work with later on.

Step 2: Clean Your Work Space!

Before applying the film, it's a good idea to clean the dust off of your work space. Static on the film can attract the dust and pull it off the table. It will then stick to the film and cause permanent bumps underneath.

Step 3: Wet the Surface

It's very helpful to get your glass wet before applying the film. This prevents the glue on the film from sticking right away, and it will allow you to push out the wrinkles and the bubbles. You can use a spray that's made for this, or you can just use water that has a little bit of soap in it. Just don't make the water too soapy.

Step 4: Stick It Down

The mirror film has a plastic layer over the sticky side that needs to be removed. Stick a piece of tape to each side, then pull them apart. Now you can lay the film onto the glass, sticky side down.

Step 5: Rub Out the Bubbles and Wrinkles

Starting from the center, rub out the wrinkles and the bubbles. You can use your fingers or a plastic card, but there are also specific tools made for this. If you're having too much difficulty with a bubble or a wrinkle, you can lift a section of the film to help you push it out. Be careful when you do this though. Each time you lift the film, it may stretch. This also increases the chance of getting dust underneath. A small piece of dust will make a hard bump that is very noticeable through the film and it will not push out. Keep in mind that some of the bumps will be super tiny bubbles that are nearly impossible to push out. But these may go away on their own over time.

Step 6: Trim the Edges

With the film in place, trim the extra from the edges. I used to just trim it right along the edge, but I have noticed that some of the edges would keep pealing back and never stick very well. I have found that if you trim the film a little bit short, it will stick much better and not peal up so much.

Step 7: And That's It!

That's pretty much the process that I use. If you have any tips or suggestions for applying mirror film, share you thoughts in the comments. Thank you for checking out this Instructable!

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