Introduction: How to Draw Ruby From Steven Universe

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I will be showing you how to draw ruby step by step

Step 1:

Start drawing her hair. Make sure it is round

Step 2:

Finish drawing the rest of her hair. Then add her headband.

Step 3:

Make her face shape. It's kinda round. Then add the other side of her hair. Then get started on her neck.

Step 4:

Add shoulders and some of her body. Also add the ribbon to her headband.

Step 5:

Make arms and body a little longer.

Step 6:

Draw arm and hand. Make the rest of her shirt.

Step 7:

Do a little more on her shirt and make her other hand. Add a little bit of her gem if you want to.

Step 8:

Make her leg. She has little biggish legs.

Step 9:

Draw her other leg.

Step 10:

Add detail. Make sure her shorts aren't over her knees. And make her shoes. Draw her face. If you need to look at a picture of her, that's just fine. I have to do that sometimes. And make sure her eyes aren't too small.

Step 11: Your Done!!!!

Enjoy your picture of ruby!!! You can now color her if you want!