Introduction: How to Make Easy DIY Earring Card Displays

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This project is about how to make earring card displays using Cricut Expore. You can watch the video here.

Things you'll need:

1. Cricut machine

2. Cricut Pen

3. Card Stock

4. Designs and Fonts

Step 1: Log Into Design Space and Select Your Design.

Go to Design Space. Then click on Images. Next, type in 'Label' in the search bar. Lots of designs will show up. (Most of them come with the monthly or annual subscription of Cricut. If you haven't subscribed, you might need to pay.) I selected a basic design.

Step 2: Create a Circle.

Drag your design to the left. Then create a circle.

Step 3: Modify the Circle.

You will need to first unlock the circle and then squish it into an oval shape.

Step 4: Duplicate the Oval and Align.

Duplicate the oval. Then change the color of one of the ovals. Place it over the first oval in a way that everything gets covered and only the sides show up.

Step 5: Delete the Oval You Don't Need.

That will leave you with two perfect earring areas.

Step 6: Create Two Dots.

First create a circle. Then shrink it to a dot. Next, duplicate the dot so that you now have two dots.

Step 7: Check the Alignment of the Dots.

You can use the grid to align them perfectly.

Step 8: Resize the Image and Attach.

Step 9: Centrally Align the Image.

Drag the image and place it on the label. Then centrally align the image.

Step 10: Add Logo/company Name.

You could very well leave the design as is. If you want, you could also add your company name or logo. For that, you'll need to click on Text. Then in the textbox, type in the company name. Drag the textbox to the design and centrally align it.

Step 11: Select the Textbox and Click on the Draw Button.

If you don't, then the machine will 'cut' it like the rest of the design. We need the company name drawn, not cut.

Step 12: Select the Entire Design and Attach.

When you click on the Attach button, it means that parts of the design will be cut and parts will be drawn, just like you want it to and not in bits and pieces.

Optional: You could add a circle that will cut out as a hole, if you plan to hang the earring holder on a stand or something.

Then click Make it.

Step 13: Press Continue.

I made it on pink card stock.

Step 14: The Final Look...

Hope you had fun doing it!