Introduction: How to Make Espio the Chameleon Out of Clay

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Here I will show you how to make Espio the Chameleon out of clay.
You will need:
-Crayola Air-Dry Clay (or any kind of air-dry clay)
-Small Drill Bits
-Krazy Glue
Note: This clay figure is not meant to be used as a toy, I only make them to be little statues. They are fragile and can break.
Do not leave around small children.

Step 1: The Head

First we make a ball and add three spikes to it.
We then flatten them out to make them look nice and smooth.
After that we carve the eyes out about 1 millimeter deep.
On the bottom of the eyes we add one small ball on each side to form the cheeks.
Once this is done we move on to the horn wich is thick on its own right so it will be easy to paste with slip.

Step 2: The Body

After making the head we move on to the body.
The body should be a little smaller than the head and since
Espio has a more upright body It needs to be flattened a bit.
On the back we then add the spikes and the tail.
When making the tail we have to be very careful because the loop is very thin.
So use a moist line of clay to make a loop and paste it with slip to the body.
I coated mine with plenty of Krazy Glue so it wouldn't break.
Finally to connect the head with the body we will have to drill the bottom of the head and the top of the body.
We will then put glue in both holes and a small piece of toothpick (enough to fit both) too.

Step 3: Making the Legs and Feet

To make the feet, all you have to do is make an eggish shape and make it like the one I have above.
The other foot will be bent in an offensive position.
After that is taken care of we will make two cylinders for the top of the shoes.
Put them together with slip and wait for them to become leather hard.
Using a toothpick we will carve in between the top and bottom to make the crease in the middle of the cylinder.
Using the drill bit make a hole in both of the shoes.
One leg will be straight the other will be be obtuse.
To make the other leg obtuse, cut the piece of toothpick in half and use the glue to stick them together in an obtuse position.
Fill the hole in both shoes and stick the toothpicks in them.
After that drill the body where the legs are supposed to go and put glue in them. After that put the toothpicks into the body holes.
The legs are now joined to the body.

Step 4: The Hands and Arms

For the hands we make a cylinder with a slight extension on one side.
After that we make the right hand that has two fingers raised up, the index finger and the middle finger.
The left had should be a closed fist.
For the arms, the right should be bent at an angle and so should the left.
Drill a hole in both the hand pieces and fill them with glue.
We then stick both the tooth pick in the holes.
After that we use the drill bit to drill the side of the body.
We do not drill directly into the body! We only want to use the side of the drill bit to carve the body where the arms are supposed to be to fit the toothpicks on the sides.
After both sides have been carved we glue both arms to their respective places.
Remember, one at a time.
Now the whole body is complete.

Step 5: Painting Espio

It is finally time to paint what we have worked so hard for.
Here is the list of paint you will need:
-Light Purple