Introduction: How to Make GEMS CANDY Dispenser Machine Out of Cardboard DIY at Home

  • Materials required:
  • Cardboard
  • Gluesticks
  • Fevicol
  • candy sticks
  • long wooden sticks
  • cardboard cutter
  • pen knife cutter
  • rubber bands
  • super glue

Step 1: Cut Cardboard Pieces of Given Shape and Stick Together to Form Funnel. Add Wooden Sticks at Side

Step 2: Cut Pieces of Dimensions Shown and Glue Together As Shown. Glue Funnel at to the Structure

Step 3: Create the Dispenser Tray With Cardboard and Wooden Sticks

Step 4: Attach Tray to the Main Structure With Wooden Sticks and Cut Off Excess Stick From the Sides

Step 5: Cut the Server Pieces and Glue at the Bottom

Step 6: Add the Gems Container at the Top

Step 7: Finish the Structure by Adding Outer Covers and Gems Stickers

Step 8: Fill Gems and Enjoy

Step 9: Watch the Full Video for a Detailed Tutorial!