Introduction: How to Make MINI Rubber Band Machine Gun From Cardboard DIY at Home

Materials you will need

-30 RPM geared DC Motor



-8.5cm diameter gear wheel






Step 1: Remove the Bolt From the Motor and Place It in a 8.5cm * 6 Cm Piece of Cardboard As Shown. Fix the Bolt.

Step 2: Insert the Motor Into the Wheel As Shown and Tighten the Screw.

Step 3: Take a 9cm Wide Foldable Cardboard and Roll It Over the Wheel. Cover the Front With a Circular Cardboard of 9cm Diameter.

Step 4: Apply Glue to the Bearing and Stick a Small Circular Piece of Cardboard to It. Apply Super Glue on This Piece of Cardboard and Stick It to the Front As Shown.

Step 5: Cover the Motor With Cardboard Pieces As Shown.

Step 6: Make a Cardboard Cutout of the Given Measurements. Make Two More Such Cutouts and Place Them on Top of Each Other.

Step 7: Take 2 Circular Cardboard Pieces of 10 Cm Diameter, a 15 Cm Wide Foldable Cardboard and Roll It Over the Circular Pieces As Shown.

Step 8: Stick Small Circular Pieces on Either Side With the Help of Super Glue As Shown. Insert Wooden Sticks Through the Cardboard As Shown, Apply Super Glue, and Cut the Extra Part of the Stick.

Step 9: Insert Bearings Into Cardboard Pieces of 10cm * 6cm, and Fix Them on Either Side As Shown.

Step 10: Follow the Images to Assemble the Structure Together.

Step 11: Make the Connections As Shown. Place the Battery in a Small Cardboard Box As Shown. Make a Small Handle to Remove the Box

Step 12: Roll the Thread Around the Bigger Drum As Shown and Glue the End of the Thread to the Smaller Drum. Attach Rubber Bands As Shown.

Step 13: to Reload the Gun, Unwind the Thread From the Smaller Drum As and Wind It Over the Bigger Drum by Fixing One End to the Wooden Stick As Shown.

Step 14: To Increase Speed Use 60 RPM Motor and to Increase Ammo, Insert More Wooden Sticks in the Drum. Your Rubber Band Machine Gun Is Ready to Fire!