Introduction: How to Make Sonic the Hedgehog Out of Clay

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Here I will show you how to make your own Sonic The Hedgehog out of clay. All you need is Crayola air-dry clay, a toothpick, Krazy Glue, some paint and some patience.

Above all this figure is meant to be a model /statue not a toy so I wouldn't recommend leaving it with small children.

Step 1: Having a Layout

First, we will start by making balls of clay with approximate sizes.

Step 2: The Shoes

Use the ball for the shoe and make kind of a half-tear drop.
Then, with the ball for the sock, make a cylinder. Now use the toothpick to carve out the creases.
After that use slip (really wet clay, just leave scrap clay in water for 15 min.) to glue the sock to the shoe.

Step 3: The Shoes' Details

Using the spare ball roll a small line for the shoe buckle and the shoe lace.
For the shoe buckle make the small line into a small hollow square, wet it, and stick it to the shoe.
For the shoe lace use the small line and flatten it. Wet it, and stick across the shoe.
Using the drill bit, drill a hole in the shoe .

Step 4: Making the Body

Use the spare ball to make the spikes for the back and the tail.
The spikes for the back are sort of flat on the sides.

Step 5: The Arms

Using the spare ball, make long thin stubs and using slip, attach them to the body.
Once they are placed, cross them.
Then attach the hands to the sides.

Step 6: The Head

Time to use the head ball.
Use what's left of the spare ball to make the spikes.
Using slip, attach them to the head.
Now use some scrap clay and fill any gaps to make the spikes look clean and smooth.
Also make the ears.
After that use a tool to carve the eyes and use scrap clay to make the cheeks of Sonic's face

Step 7: Putting Everything Together

After everything has dried, use the drill bit to drill 2 holes in the body for the legs.
Fill the holes in the shoes with Krazy Glue and stick the toothpicks in. 
After the glue dries, fill the holes in the body with glue and stick the other end of the toothpicks in.
After that is taken care of use the same method on the head.

Step 8: Don'f Forget About the Nose

This is how it should look when it is all assembled.
Remember that Sonic's nose is very thin and will not stick well with slip.
Make a very small and thin stub and with the glue carefully attach it.
Be careful not to touch the glue because the nose and your skin will stick.
After it is placed it is still vey easy to break so I kind of put alot more glue a little at a time.

Step 9: Painting

Finally the best part... Painting!
You will need the following clors:
-Green (for the eyes)

Good Luck!

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