Introduction: How to Make Wood Signs With Cricut Explore- Craft Tutorial

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In this project we are going to show you how to use Cricut Explore to get a design of your choice onto wood. You could also watch the YouTube video of the same project.

Items needed:

1. Equally cut pieces of wood

2. Cricut Explore

3. Oracle 651 Vinyl

4. Transfer tape (Craftables)

5. Scrapping tool

6. Scissors

7. Glue (Hot glue gun)

Step 1: Measure Your Wood and Cut It to Size.

Step 2: Select Your Design on Cricut Design.

I pulled out a design from my saved projects.

Step 3: Customize Your Design.

A fresh screen will show up, with your design on it.

Step 4: Unlock the Design.

Next we need to unlock the design so that we can customize the size.

Step 5: Enter the Dimensions of Your Design.

12 by 3.5 work for me. Make sure you enter the dimensions for EACH of the three parts of the designs.

Step 6: Attach the Design.

Step 7: Click the Make It Button.

Make sure they are all the same size and then push the Make It button.

Step 8: Spread Out the Designs.

It is always better to have some space between the designs. Makes it easier to cut.

Step 9: Sand and Then Stain the Wood.

The wood needs to be sanded REALLY well before you stain or paint it. It is important for the wood to be smooth for a great finish.

Step 10: Stain the Sides and the Rear Side Too.

Step 11: Use a Paper Towel to Wipe the Extra Stain Off.

Step 12: Take the Transfer Tape and Cut It to the Size of Your Design.

I have used Craftables transfer tape. It is nice and thick and has a grid on it. Easy to work with.

Step 13: Peel the Backing Off and Apply the Tape Onto the Design.

Step 14: Press Firmly With Fingers and Then the Scraping Tool.

Step 15: Transfer the Design Onto the Wood.

Press it down well so that it sticks. Use the scraper to get rid of any air bubbles. Then pull back the transfer tape carefully.

Step 16: To Complete the Project, Decorate the Ends With Some Rope.

Take the rope and glue it at the back. Then wrap it around the wood a few times. Do this for all three pieces.

Step 17: And That's What It Finally Looks Like.

Add to your home decor, use it as a photo prop in the nursery or gift it to someone. Hope you have fun with the project!