Introduction: How to Make Worry Dolls

Worry Dolls are very small dools made of wire and wool. They are originatlly from Guatemala. That is why they mostly dressed like Mayas.

They are given to childrean who have fears or worries. Childrean believe when they tell their worries to the doll and put it during night under their pillow all their problems will drift away over night.

Below I will show you an easy and fast way to make a worry doll in a size of 2,7 cm / 1.06”.

Attention: Because of the size and the wire it is not suitable for small childrean.

Step 1: What Do You Need

-approx. 20 cm / 7.87” wire with a diameter of approx. 0,5 mm / 0.02”

-some embroidery thread residues in colors you like


-pliers to cut and hold wire

-optional: glue (make it easier, but I do not use)

Step 2: Start With the Basic Wire Structure of the Doll

1.1 Make a loop (2,0 / 0.79“) for the head in one end of the wire. Wrap the longer end of the wire around the middle of the shorter end of the wire.

Step 3:

1.2. Make another loop (1,0 / 0,39“) for one arm out of the longer end of the wire. When you start with the loop above the short end of the wire, end under the short end ot the wire to fix the loop. Make the same for the other arm.

Step 4:

1.3 For the loops of the legs: Fix the wire by wrapping the wire around the „neck“ and make with the rest of the wire two loops for the legs (2,0 / 0.79“). Fix the wire in the middle of the doll. Than You can cut of the overhang.

Step 5:

1.4 Than grap the end of the loops with the plier and twist until you have in all ends smaller loops for head, hands and feet.

Step 6: Start to Dress the Doll

2.1. Choose an embroidery thread for the head and the hands. Fix the end of the thread with the finger in the middle of the doll. Wrap the thread around the headand hand part of the doll and fix the end with glue or a knot. As mentioned above if you ues glue to fix the ends of the yarn it will be much more easier.

Step 7:

2.2. Then do the same for the shoes.

Step 8:

2.3. Then go on with the trouser and then with the shirt.

In the end you can embroider a face and hair to the doll.

Have fun and worry-free dreams.

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