Introduction: How to Make a 2 Layered Fused Glass Heart in a Microwave Kiln...

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I have been fusing glass for about 7 months. The shape I have struggled with most is a heart, so far. Each and every time I tried to fuse it, I would break the glass. I wound up with a great many shards thanks to trying to accomplish this feat. I finally had that aha moment and I will share it with you.

Step 1: What You Will Need...

  • Glass
  • Glass Cutter
  • Microwave Kiln
  • Kiln Paper
  • Nippers
  • A Sharpie Marker
  • Pattern or stencil
  • Grinder
  • Rotary Tool

Step 2: Safety Equipment...

We must always be safe. The is flying glass and hot stuff.

So here is what we will need.

  • A Face Shield that is impact resistant
  • Safety Glasses
  • Heat Resistant Gloves

Step 3: Tracing Your Hearts...

Use your bigger pattern or stencil for the bottom piece. You want the inside to be some what smaller than the outside so you will use the smaller one for your secondary color. You will trace them with your sharpie.

Step 4: Nipping the Heart...

Here you will need your nippers. Nip off the bigger pieces first. You will get a great number of shards out of this part of the project. Don't trash those, save them for other projects. Once you get the bigger portion nipped off, you will get closer to your trace lines. Get them as close to the pattern as possible. Don't try to go around the indention at the top of the heart. This is where it will break on you every time.

Step 5: Breaking Your Own Heart...

Okay, now take the nippers and break your heart, right down the middle. Break your heart in two. Don't panic. Glass fuses back together. Now nip those inside "corners" of the heart.

Step 6: Making Sure the Pieces Fit Back Together Evenly

After you have nipped the "corners" make sure your heart fit back together flush. If it doesn't touch evenly, it will not fuse correctly.

Step 7: Preparing to Fire....

Now we are ready to move to the kiln. Get your kiln and place the kiln paper on it. I trim mine to match the base, that is a personal choice though. Now place your bottom piece on top of the kiln paper, in our case, it is the green. Now place the slit in the secondary color (orange) over the primary color (green) this will help it to fuse more evenly.

Step 8: Fire, Wait, Fire, Wait, Fire Longer, Wait Longer....

When I fire I do it in segments. I fire for one minute and let it rest for one minute. I repeat this process one more time and then on the third firing I fire it for a minute and a half.

Step 9: Letting the Kiln Cool...

After the third firing, I remove it kiln from the microwave and set it on my fire safe brick and hot pad. It spends the next half hour sitting and cooling. Then when you lift the lid, you get to see your fused glass heart. Wait though, you're not finished.

Step 10: Smoothing the Edges

Not it is time to use your grinder or rotary tool. Remember wear your shield. Safety first. I have had glass bounce off this thing, I laughed when my friend told me to get it but, it does what it should do.

I use the grinder at the lowest speed. I just rough edges on the heart with the grinding wheel then give it a final smoothing on the buffer side.

Step 11: Enjoy....

Now you have a beautiful heart. You can make a pendant out of it or add it to a candle holder or another household item to give it a special little something. It isn't that hard to do this project, just remember have fun and glass fuses back together.

If you have never fused glass with a microwave kiln, here is an instructable written for new comers to this medium.

Until next time,

Love, Peace and Cupcakes.

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