Introduction: How to Make a DIY Whiteboard at Home

In this post, we are going to talk about "How to make DIY Whiteboard at home in very simple steps". Let's see what is required and how to make it...


  1. Old Portrait/Photo Frame with glass
  2. White Chart
  3. Black Tape
  4. Adhesives (Glue)

Step 1: Cleaning Process

First of all, clean the glass and the frame thoroughly with the rubbing alcohol.

Step 2: Cover Up the Back Side of Board

Now we need to paste the chart paper at the back of the frame. (Check the video given above or in the video categories).

Step 3: Everything Is Ready to Use

Now using the board marker and not the permanent one you can use the whiteboard the way you like. In case the duster doesn't erase the marker using a rough cloth damped with rubbing alcohol.

And really that just was the task to do...your whiteboard is ready.

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