Introduction: How to Make a Hand Spinner Whith a Hard Drive

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Hello everyone! In this instructables I will show you how to make a hand spinner with a hard drive.

The principle of the hand spinner is very simple: an axis, a ball bearing, and 2 or 3 weight of the same mass. The hard disk provides the axis and the ball bearing, for the weight, we will improvise.

You can also find all the steps and a demo of the result in video at step 8 "bonus".

Let's go!

Step 1: Components and Tools Needed


- screwdriver (The type of screw changes according to the manufacturer of hard disk but generally it is about Torx screws)

- a drill

- a glue gun


- hard disk (No SSD of course :-) )

- 2 bottle caps

- 3 Threaded screws or 3 pieces of threaded rod

- 12 nuts

Step 2: Disassemble the Hard Drive

To start, we will disassemble the hard drive.

- First remove all screws on both sides of the hard drive.

- Then remove the disc cover with a flat screwdriver.

Now you have to disassemble the reading head in order to free the disk.

Bonus:you can retrieve the neodymium magnet. I love this magnet, he's really too cool!

The most difficult part is usually this one: you have to bring out the axis which is pressed in the Chassis of the hard disk.

- To get out axis, I use a screwdriver and a hammer, it's a bit radical, but it works well!

- Finally, remove the screws that secure the disc to the axis and remove it.

Step 3: Preparation of the Disk

Now we will prepare the disc for hanging weights.

We will divide the disc into 3.

- For this, with a protractor, make 3 angles of 120 ° and make marks with a pen.

You normally have a mark at 0 °, 120 ° and 240 °.

Step 4: Drilling the Disk

In this step, we will drill holes in the the disk so we can hang weights.

Caution: Hold firmly disk when you drill and wear gloves because the disc will quickly heat!

- Drill 1 hole on each mark we made in the previous step, about 1 cm from the edge

Step 5: Hang the Weights on the Disk

Now we will hang the weights on the disk.

- If threaded screws are used, cut the head of the screws.
-Screw 2 nuts onto a threaded rod, pass it through one of the hole in the disc, then screw 2 more nuts.

Repeat this twice.

- Now, reattach the disk to the axis.

Step 6: Hold It!

Now we will make the part to hold it.

- Cut the outline of one of the 2 bottle caps.

- Drill the bottom of the second cap. Insert a screw (recovery on the hard drive)

- Fill the glue cap and then close with the piece of the first cap.

- Allow to dry.

- Screw your bracket

Step 7: Rotate!!!

Here's your and spinner is over! You can improve it, there is something to do! 2 disks, cut branches in the disk ...

have fun!

Step 8: Bonus: All Steps and Demonstration in Video!

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