Introduction: How to Make a Horn Out of a Straw

This will teach you how to make a horn out of a straw and a cardboard tube. You can use it to annoy friends and family or just start a band and have fun!!!


You will need a straw, a cardboard tube, chipboard or thin cardboard, scissors, pencil tape, ruler, and a imagination.

Step 1: Make the Body

Get the tube and put it on the chipboard or thin cardboard, trace it with a pencil then cut it out and put it on the top. Tape the piece you cut out on the top and measure it and put a dot were the middle is, poke a pencil through it then put your straw through the top. Do the same with the bottom and, let it stick out about 1 cm, note that if tube is to big for straw then cut the tube. Near the bottom of the straw on the side put a hole and cover the bottom so no air comes out.

Step 2: Make It Work

Gat your straw and bite about the top inch so it is flat then cut the top so it is like the tip of a triangle. ( if it does not work then either make the hole bigger or smaller.)

Step 3: Make It Awesome

Now all you need to do is cut some holes on one side of the tube and now you made a horn with reusable things.
Congratulations!!! YOU HAVE FINISHED
(By the way this is my first instructable)

Step 4: Decorate

Decorate, color, paint, do anything!!!

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