Introduction: Shell Earrings With Agate and Leaf

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Since I have had ear holes, it seems that I can enjoy changing earrings every day! That’s the reason why I keep two ear holes though I feel it troublesome sometimes.

Shell earrings can be seen frequently in summer days. It does attract me in fact. And it’s the time to change new earrings now!

This time I choose the dangle shell earrings. Thus the shell will dangle with the wind!

This is the goal I am going to achieve.

Step 1: Materials

There are materials I have ready prepared.


Antique Silver Tibetan Style Leaf Pendants

Ear Stud Components

Brass Bead Caps

Spiral Shell Beads

Natural Rose Quartz Bead-8MM

Natural Rose Quartz Bead-6MM

Seed Beads

Iron Jump Rings

Memory Wire

Iron Eyepins


Pointed Nose Pliers

Round Nose Pliers

Side Cutting Pliers

Step 2:

First, place a brass bead cap on a silver-color iron eyepin, then one 8mm natural rose quartz bead, and a brass bead cap.

Second, use the pliers to bend the eyepin up and we will have a round loop.

Step 3:

We have two loops now after step one as there is an original loop in the eyepin.

Then we need two iron jump rings. They are close but unsoldered. So we can use the pliers to open it and place it across the loop by one ring per loop.

Next, pick up a leaf pendant and link it with the loop.

Last, close the iron jump rings.

Step 4:

Repeat steps above until we get enough accessories as picture shows. Natural rose quartz beads in different size would be used.

Step 5:

First, cut out a length of memory wire. The length depends on the need.

Second, use the pliers to make a little loop at one end of the wire.

Third, place some white seed beads in the wire and fill the wire about a quarter.

Step 6:

First, place the accessories we’ve made in step three in the wire and fill the wire about a half. As a suggestion, we can make it more symmetrically.

Then fill the rest of the wire with white seed beads.

Last, make a loop in another end with the pliers and use an iron jump ring to link the ends together. We call it the top jump ring, therefore it would be convenient for the rest steps.

Step 7:

Use the pliers to link a shell bead with the top jump ring, thus it could dangle down freely.

Step 8:

Use the pliers to link an ear stud component with the top jump ring.

Now we make it!

As a matter of fact, it can be regarded as an necklace pendant without the ear stud component, right? It seems to be a good idea to make a set of jewelry!

Come on!

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