Introduction: How to Make a Wire Wrapped Simple Ring With Marquise Stone

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This instructable shows you how to make a wire wrapped simple ring with a marquise stone.


- small marquise stone (smaller than the width of your finger). Mine was about 16 mm. Flat-backed works better, but it can be a regular so

- 22-gauge or 18-gauge half-round dead soft wire

- 21- or 20-gauge square or round dead soft wire

- chain nose pliers

- flush cutters

- ring mandrel or lipstick tube

Step 1: Measure

Cut 12 inches of 20 or 21 gauge square or round dead soft wire. Cut 4 feet of 22 gauge half round wire or 3 1/2 feet of 18 gauge half round wire.

Step 2: Wrap

Wrap the half round wire three times around the top of the stone, so that there are two wraps beneath the stone.

Step 3: Ring Base

Wrap the square or round wire three times around the ring mandrel at the size that you want, so that you have four wraps where the wires meet each other.

Step 4: Fixed Ring

Wrap three and a half times around the sides of the ring, ending so that the tail is on top of the ring, not on the bottom, where it could scratch somebody. Make sure the inside of the stone base, where the stone is going to be sitting, is slightly larger than the two wraps on the back of the stone, so that the wraps can fit snugly inside the wraps on the ring. Make sure the three wires don't cross as you're doing this.

Step 5: Wrap

Place the stone on top of the ring and, starting outside the wraps on the ring, wrap the half-round wire around the ring base, squishing it down after a few wraps and alternating between sides. Also make sure that the three wires don't cross as you're doing this.

Step 6: Bottom

When you get to the bottom of the ring, cut the tails so they're on the outside of the ring and so they meet halfway across the width of the ring band. You're done!