Introduction: How to Sew Shoelaces

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Individual shoelaces are really easy to make and will make your shoes unique.
I always check out the shoes people wear. I love it when someone wears interesting shoes and one way to restyle your shoes inexpensively is to make your own laces. Every shoe looks better with unique laces and here I will show you how to make them.

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Step 1: This Is What You Need:

- strips of fabric and two needles (or a bias binding making tool but two needles are sufficient)
- optional: ready made bias binding
- optional: shoe lace tips (metal/ heat shrinking tube)
- pliers (only for the metal tips)
- sewing machine
- thread in a color that fits

Step 2: Neat Needle Trick and First Steps

If you want to make bias binding for regular sewing projects you would have to do this differently but for laces you can just use straight strips.
First you need to measure the length of the laces you want to create. Just measure the old ones you would like to replace. Then cut two strips of this length about 1.5 inches wide. Lay the strip onto the ironing board and pin a needle across (see photo). Fold the strip from both sides to the middle and pin a second needle across. Now when you pull the strip will fold automatically, all you need to do is iron it flat. Once this is completed fold the strip over again and iron it flat. You now have a double folded strip 1/4 the width of your original strip.
You could also use a bias binding maker tool (see photo).

Step 3: Sew the Lace

The sewing itself is really simple. Set your sewing mashine to a small zigzag stich and sew along the edge. Once you have completed this, fold the tips once more and sew flat. JUST the tips!
YOU COULD STOP HERE: The laces are actually finished at this point. You can thread them through, I have done it and it works fine. Heat shrinking tube attached to the tips make them firmer and easier to thread, the optional metal tips make the laces look most professional and easiest to thread, but the laces itself work fine without.

Step 4: Optional: Secure the Tips

If you want the tipps to be extra strong you can use the metal aglets. Put the lace tipps into the metal clamp, use your findernails or a pair of scissors to push them in really tight. Use your pliers to tighten the clamp. Thread the laces through the holes of your destinated shoes and enjoy!

Step 5:

@ ewsmith : thank you for your excellent input! Have tried to revise the instructable accordingly :)
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